There you are.

Even a 1,000 miles away,My closest impersonators, didn’t believe me.They poured out so quickly,Like a cloud with too much rain.This is normal even a 1,000 miles away.I couldn’t trust them like a man giving his son his car keys.New Year’s Eve was too much to handle, despite her exotic role as a mother.They were infatuated with pinning my older sister down on the bed, while my younger sister was forced down by the fire.Even if I was a 1,000 miles away, it stung like a honey bee near an orange tree.They tied me to the tree with poisonous hugs.I couldn’t cry.Go outside, walk the missing actions, because the snow is melting and I am in action.Even if I am a 1,000 miles away.They have me under a DIVERSE section where only I stand: in this room where I am alone with the missing birthday gifts you were obligated to provide for the past 15 years.Under this mistletoe I don’t have any kisses that I deserve from a loving mother.I couldn’t love like the old man sitting alone in his retirement home.The cord between us two is torn, it is SUPERFICIAL, but if you called a little more it would heal.The snow would stay, and my blushing would never go away, once you say hi, I feel alive.You would bring snow to California, when coming back from Colorado.I couldn’t feel alone unlike the homeless man coming back from Iran.I feel safe even a 1,000 miles away.YOU would give me advice, and YOU would take your role as a mother, even if  YOU are a 1000 miles away.I wish you would stay.You do stay.I couldn’t let go of our new memories, when you picked the door into my life instead of running out the other, the snow lifted, and time went back. I feel loved because you healed the scar.I never knew the feeling to actually cry from happiness, even if  YOU were a thousand miles away. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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