These black and white keys.

Music is in everything, it is everywhere. From the gravitating pull of rocks avalanching down a mountain, to the sound of my fingers caressing my scaple through my hair. When i'm alone in my room, the lights dimmed down, where there is no other sound or disturbance interputing the friendship that is made with my fingers and the black and white keys that create a sound of which i choose. Whether I'm engulfed in the sorrows of my past, worries of my future or the depression that hugs me so tight, I feel as if there's no tiny bit of hope left to save me out of the abyss of no return. These black and white keys set out for a journey with a piece of me that lifts me out of all the hate, misunderstanding and corruption in this world. It creates a beautiful melody that slips through not only my ears, but through my heart. These black and white keys are not piece of a piano, they are a piece of me.  


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