They Told Me So

Society told me that girls are supposed to cry, and boys are not. A student told me I calculated wrong and I wrote and read too much for someone of my " background". A bully told me it was my dark complextion that made me "ugly". Adults have told me Im too young to understand, bit i am old enough to know. Family members have told me to keep my expectaions low because people like us... we dont make it. Someones money told me to know why I couldnt have the dark blue shoes I wanted in the fifth grade, so I wore my pink sketchers. 

I listened to society, the student, the bully, the adults, and the family members. These are words that I cant forget. 

My grandma told me to never be ashamed of the skin I was born into. My older cusin told me not to get stuck where I was because I was worth more than what I was able to be given. My dentist told me I have a beautiful smile, and I should use it more often. My mom told me she loves that I read, but not to forget to write my own story as well. 

Its words like these that I forget to remember. Its what I forget to believe.

I have had to learn what to hear and what to ignore. I have had to learn what to remeber and what to forget. 

Yes I have heard the words " You shouldnt, You cant, You couldnt." But when the day comes and Ive made it our I dont think that I could find it in my heart to say I told you so. 






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