They Whisper

Who am I?
I just don't know,
There are whispers,
Telling me not to look in the mirror,
That I am too big,
I might explode.
There are whispers,
Calling me disgusting,
It won't let me blossom,
It won't let me see who I am.
Though my skin grows paler,
People see me as a living skeleton,
The whispers tells me otherwise,
Tells me to stop eating,
Food is not my friend,
It is my enemy,
The one to be wary of.

Who am I?
I do not know,
Voices in my head,
Tells me things I wish I didn't know,
Like how every calories,
Every single drinks,
Makes me bigger,
So big I won't be able to walk pass the door,
Numbers are my enemies,
Reminding me of my failure,
They must grow smaller.

What can I do?
I want to break free,
Be a butterfly,
Fly away,
From these nightmares,
from the words whisper to me,
"You are anorexic"
That's not what the voice in my head says.



This is so me right now...


Thank you so much for the comment, I use to suffer from Anorexia and I hated eating, listening to the little voice telling me things I shouldn't have listen to. What helped me was writing and talking about it, talk to people that you can trust and write about it, write about your experience, your thoughts. Do not listen to that little voice, our enemy is not food, but our mind and what it tells us. If you ever wish to talk, I am always open.

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