They Will Say

They will say to stop 

Once they find them

Those thin slips of red lining your wrists

They will say to STOPSTOPSTOP

Find another way find another outlet find something


But they don't know do they? 

Should I compare this to a meth addict and their supplement?

This solution to your problem is something that is almost

Dare I say it?


It is the meth 

The heroin

The oxycoton

It is the only thing that you can actually feel

That is actually real

You can control it

It is for the bad days

The really really badbadbad days

And it's the only thing you can think about

When you have those days

And maybe it is awful

Maybe it is the most awful thing in the world

And maybe you should stop

Because I heard blah blah blah from blah blah blah 

Say that they look gross when you hold them up to the light

Say that you would be so pretty without those things on your wrists 

That is why I said in the beginning once they find them

And not if they find them

Because people tend to search for things that scare them

When the meth runs out

This poem is about: 
Our world



When I read the entire thing all I could say is 


absolutely love this expresses so much

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