Thinking of you

Thu, 01/10/2019 - 12:13 -- ngopes

Thinking of you

We carried you on an orange stretcher

through the red doors of the emergency

ward on a life-line machine

towards the operating theatre.

A moment later, you

murmured and said my name.

Then, the sound of an electronic beep

came out from the ventilator

over and over again.

Our stories of life together

ended sadly with piercing pangs of pain

on that cold November night.


You are gone for a long time.

Your beautiful photo of your

long two thick braids on either

side of your head hangs from

the cold wall of my room. The pair

of red-lipped sandals you liked

wearing so much is on the balcony

discolored by weather.

Your clothes hung on

the wardrobe still smelling of you.

It's spring again, buds of white lily

and red rose have started coming out

slowly in the ledge that you

used to water them every day. 

You left us all your memories

on the bottom of your wardrobe now

silent inside the album of pictures of yours.


At night, I wake up gasping for air, I know

you are there somewhere near

come sit beside me if you can

just like the wind,I want to feel you

again for one last time.

Please don't let me feel like my long

love for you is now buried and dead

in the silent corner of my heart.




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