Those Gifted Hands


United States
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Those gifted hands,

Bathing in antimicrobial soap and water,

Clothed in radiant latex sterile surgical gloves.


Those gifted hands,

Gripping the surgical tools one by one by one by one,

Pacing as the time goes by and the anesthetic runs low.


Those gifted hands,

Sealing the incisions stitch by stitch, staple by staple,

Clapping with joy in yet another successful procedure.


Those gifted hands,

Wheeling the patient from the operating room the recovery room,

Grasping the shoulders of the young patient as they wait for the anesthetic to wear off.


Those gifted hands,

Shaking the hands of the patient’s parents as the tears of joy stroll down their faces,

Signing the release forms for the young patient to be released once they have sufficiently healed.


Those gifted hands,

The hands of a Pediatric Neurosurgeon.


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