Tidal Waves

The waves crashed down as darkness fell. They were the most devastating ones yet. Like towers, they rose in the distance, But I gave them no heed for they seemed so far off, how could they possibly harm me? I turned my back on them, Forgetting their ever looming presence. Their spirals of darkness swirled menacingly, silently. Churning violently underneath the normality of the day. Disguised by masterful laughs and smiles they writhed like snakes, impatient for their next meal. I didn't realize it then, but I was on the dinner plate. As the day drew to a close I turned around, thinking the waves were as far off as they had been, but to my utter despair they were there, over me. The cold grasp of their noiseless fingers gripped my soul in an unbreakable vice. The cold spread as they crashed and I was voiceless against it. As I slipped into the familiar torrent, I was again reminded of the folly of my so called sure foot. I was a victim to the sweeping waves once more. Every night, the darkness comes, and with it, the waves, each one mightier than the last. What refuge could be found, what escape can be made? If you figure it out, please let me know. For the waves of sorrow cannot be overcome in the shadowlands of doubt.  

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Our world


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