Time goes by

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 15:21 -- alexx


United States
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Time goes by, but everything stays the same. Reaching high, knowing we will get there. But when things can’t change, we’ll continue to fall. What we’re here for is not what we want but only despise.

When good things happen, it’s only our imagination. Where there is no compassion in the world nothing will get better. The last thing we do not want is more real than we thought. Our sights are dim but not our soul.

Unlawful rules corrupted a person’s mind not to do what is right. We questioned ourselves more often that we forget the answer is already there. Indifferences exterminate men’s mortals making him losing all the senses in the world.

As long one’s show interests, our talent will never waste. Prayers will not make nightmare go away, only we can. Forgetting what is least important and seeing what is, make the time goes by and every day to be different.

Listen to the sound of sorrow. Take the time to make it worth a while and express our good deed to those who need it. Clock is ticking so shall our passion to make things better. Time is everything and it is still going.

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