In Time Of Love

some day you'll feel the power of love catching feelings the visions like
a thousand doves
flying free 100 mph
into the wind
love game is strong
when's she's with me she knows were she belong's
tie the knot and marry
the love we have is for eternity forever life-long
the journey prevails
taking a trip through
a portal of time
love is the feeling
of the 4th kind
rhythm of love happens
when two souls combined
we are fused together
give eachother pleasure
I'll be with with you forever
even in the stormy weather
you be the student
I'll be the professor
in the science lab
ending the semester
you gazed in my eyes
with the cutest jester
our life is a movie
were our own directors
shes dreams of the plot
I infuse the storyline
we both reach the climax
feel love for the first time
we're falling in love we
film our actions
our love is pure
no fatal attraction
end to our life movie
with satisfaction
resolution comes an end
but our life's are for eternity , living, laughing, loving life over & over their is no end

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