Time Is Now

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 16:01 -- c.m.f.g

The time has come 

For us to move

The time is now

Jesus, we surrender all.


It is time to march

Into this holy fight 

Time to give

Our brokenness 

For the Lord has given life.


Oh, this weary soul

Has been through pain

And held an empty hole

Deep within

The brokenness.


The time has come 

For us to move 

The time is now

Holy Spirit, we surrender all.


We surrender our hearts

We surrender our souls

Jesus, we give you all.


It is time to change

Give up your all

Time to break chains

For the Lord has made the call.


Oh, this broken heart

Has been brought down

Put into shame

But with you Jesus….


We will never again

Go through the pain

And suffer the shame.


For the time is now 

To lay our sins down

The time has come 

For us to live in love.


Jesus, we worship you

Jesus, we adore you

Come and fill us up once again 

Come and renew us once again 



For the time has come 

For us to change

For us to move 

Jesus, we surrender all.


~ C.M.F.G

This poem is about: 
Our world


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