Time Stands Still

Can I make everything rewind

Back in time

When everything was once fine

And make all of these new thoughts collapse?

I'm bound to the floor because there's nothing more

Left, for me in this new aged generation.

I see the shadow God casts 

Above our heads 

As we stay stoned, popping molly and rocking out to hip-hop music

Oblivious to the circumstances we're under

Oblivious to the fact that we're taking a shovel from the Devil to dig our own graves


All the rights have been changed to wrong 

And wrongs are now what's right

And though despite the drugs, the killings, the lies, the sex, the poverty, the hungry, the cheating, the beating and even the incessant need for war

Our fixated society is perfect


Time Will Stand Still

As my freedom of speech will tell me to keep my mouth shut

Or I would lose all the rights given to me as a child

One Nation Above God

For the liberty and justice for One


I can't deal with this, they said

I need to get out, they said

We need freedom, justice and peace, we said

I'll pretend to like you, you said

I'll pretend to be honest, you said

I'll pretend that you are ACTUALLY FREE, you said

And we believed it


The signs of time is here

As the boiling in my chest rises

To the pounding of the footsteps of God's soldiers drawing closer

But only few can see it

Because the others wear blindfolds

Too scared to face the true reality that stands in front of them

se we "the people" stay turnt up and tuned out to  what's really important

Not realizing that we're lying down and going to bed with the same Devil every night

Except of course on Sundays

We have become unknowing hypocrites to our own word

Justifying Satan's playground to the rest of the world

Staying pissed because the worldly things we love we can't have


My chest rises


Another person dies


Another disease is created


Another war has broken out

Tick I'm finally tired of this Shit!




I Will Make Time Move Again 



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