Time Waits for No One

I thought about you today,

Just as if I do every day,

I heard our song; it’s hard to believe,

It’s been this long,

Exactly one year ago you were here with me,

Never would I have thought a year from then,

You wouldn’t be,

I want to talk to you,

When I feel sad and alone, then I remember

Heaven has no phone,

And I know you’d be there for me,

But now you’re gone and I feel empty,

I miss your hugs, your warming smile,

It still flashes in my head every once in awhile,

And your smile is what gets me through the day,

When I just want to get up,

And walk away,

Everything’s still alright down here,

But my head flashes back to last year,

I remember seeing you motionless then,

I held back the tears I didn’t want to give in,

I kept telling myself you’re a fighter and your okay,

And I still whisper that to myself even to this day,

I’ve tried convincing myself it’s a joke and all pretend

That I’ll have my friend back again,

And yet I still sit here without you, by my side

I’ll never forget the day you died,

That panic call from 9-1-1

Letting us know what you had done;

Pulled that trigger and shot that gun.

If I could go back in time,

I’d stop you from doing this in a blink of an eye,

Nothing was to keep us apart,

Don’t you remember, ‘hand to hand and heart to heart?’

We told each other everything!

But still, why didn’t I see this coming,

Or had this been mentioned

And I just wasn’t paying attention,

I wants to make things better,

What happened to friends forever?

Your picture still hanging on my wall,

I don’t think it’ll come down at all,

Day by day the pain grows strong,

I want to go back to where it went wrong,

I’m not going to do what you did,

I WILL pull through this,

I swear at times I see your face,

And then it just fades away,

The image of your dead body lying still,

I makes my stomach hurt, makes me feel ill,

Reality is my enemy,

Now that I know this is how it has to be.

I’ll see you some day,

And I promise everything will be


As sharp as a razor,

My heart was torn.

Although you broke my heart,

When you pulled that trigger,

Once a hearts broken,

It grows back bigger.





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