A Tiny Significance


The sun is shining and there is a slight breeze outisde,

The town is full and everyone is smiling.

Of course everyone is happy because the sun makes everyone happy,

There is no such thing as rain on a sunny day.

A young boy full of love and good intention gets caught steeling food from the local market,

His hands are full yet he is not greedy.

His mind is racing as he has one goal.

His mother is sick and his brothers are hungry.

His father has passed and life seems dull.

On that sunny day I claimed the boy to be mine and payed his debt.

I gave him the cash I had and bought him all the groceries I could afford.

If I could change anything,

I'd fill the bellies of all those in need.

A tiny dent in my finance yet a significant change in a young boy's life.

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