Took Me Awhile To Wake Up Like This...


"Rise and shine,

Time for school my sweet"


"Mom please stop yelling,

Can't I just finish this tweet?"


Rolling out of bed, 

6 am

The daily routine 


Spending 3 hours on my appearance,

Just to make sure I step out looking clean


Fast forward through the day, 

School kills my buzz

Doing it the Samia way.


"Hi Samia cute shirt"

"Hi Samia you look pretty"

"Hi Samia did you have a good weekend"

"Hi Samia when do you want us to go out to the city?"



Something most associate me with.

But I wasn't always a "fine wine"

If you get my drift....


Lacking confidence, goals, and ambition

A young Samia fell to the wayside.

After years of just status quo living, 

I decided to change up my stride.


Learning to love myself first and embrace who I am,

Then getting involved and making more friends.


As I aged, 

The more outgoing I had become,

Never afraid to try anything, a leader to most

But overbearing to some.


As I blossomed,

I started to notice more of those...

Who resembled the old me,


Too shy and keeping to themselves,

Some just lacked guidance,

But all faces lost in a sea.


How can I help?

What could be done?

Could I make a difference for the unguided ones?


My journey was a long one,

One I faced on my own.

How to keep the younger ones from going it alone?


No I'm not very rich, 

No I'm not very tall

But when others need a leader to stand up

I to answer the call.


With my new found ambition,

New found confidence,

And leadership qualities to use,

I joined the JROTC program

To begin mentoring the youth.


Not all about uniforms and military creeds,

More about teaching leadership,

And more importantly, doing good deeds.


As company commander they all look up to me,

Asking questions,

Looking for guidance in many different ways

Grades, Relationships, their Futures...

Honestly, I could go on for days.


I made it a priority to make sure no one went unseen,

A family environment to all,

A place to grow and learn.

Becoming better teenagers within in our society,

All as a team.


Not always as confident,

Not always as beneficial to others around me,

Not nearly as ambitious as I am now


Took me awhile to wake up like this,

But look at the young woman I've become now

This poem is about: 


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