Torn heart


United States
39° 50' 57.9768" N, 86° 15' 59.9256" W

looking from the outside of the door all i see is
darkness, everyday i walk pass that door and can
never open it, i never wanted to take that chance to
look inside of that door to see what was inside of that

But from the outside i could hear a little crying and
asking for help, never thinking that anyone would
help her get out of this dark deep hole, when i open
this door i see a little girl at the age of ten crying
with black tears running down her cheeks, the weird
part about this little girl was that that little girl was me.

Coming from pain, hurt and abuse the little girl tries
to think of everything she can do to get out of this
pain, she crys out to her family but her family does
not know what to do or what is wrong with her
one day they notice that little girl is gone and has been
locked up in that dark room for four days, her dad and mom
tries to open but never could get it open, so grandfather finally
kicks it open and her family see's their little girl dead in a pool
of black blood.

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