This Town Ain't Just Your Town


United States
46° 51' 0.1872" N, 113° 59' 13.0704" W

The bus windows lets me stare
at all those people that give no care.
Why should I stand when I pay the same fare?
We live here too, it's not your lair.

I'm afraid to walk at night
because it might provoke a fight.
These bad boys yell, "Ain't no fair, your darker than light!"
All I can do is hold my tongue and bite.

Pretty little southern belle
and the products you sell.
Just go on preachin' what you tell
cause God knows they help you when you fell.

In the park I drink from a dirty sink
and our public facilities often stink.
While them girls go on by with a clink,
like a superstar wearing a coat of mink.

Man o' man do I adore their style.
The way their nails always are near a file
but yet this makes me taste bile
and in this town I'm afraid to even dial.

Now people hear my talk
and do not speak of me as flock.
Nevermore you'll go home and mock.
I don't want to rely on my house and lock.

This ain't just your town.
You ain't foolin' anyone you clown.
I speak for rights to remove this frown
and push this pillar of oppression till it's down.

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