The Tragedy of the wind


United States
34° 0' 28.4004" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

Hear them?
they cry
and I
who had only heard of it with a slight surprise
had no recollection of the news
at once i felt
the ground quake beneath me
as the clouds rose grey
and higher, covering the sun
yet again, I am conveniently clustered inside the cushions of my sofa
only a horrified witness behind the screen

let me touch and hold you
grasp you by the hand- grab the nearest child
closer to my land
will my feet ever run faster
as the storms swallow our past
like a black hole who had no mercy
I am thirsty for all the condolences that i can give
because i wish that all children would live
for the future
but how bitter it can be
when citizens only breathe
that dire tragedy
filled with blood retched debris...

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