Tragically Beautiful


For the first time in my life I am proud.
Proud of the young lady I've become.
My past is no lnger haunting me; owning up to everything I've done.
In life, I have stuggled. Gone down the wrong road.
But I learned how to juggle, and found the cross road.
I went through a tragedy, the loss of my brother.
That was a capacity I had to learn to deal with, no one knew how much I had suffered.
My brother, my best friend.
A bond that will never end.
That heart ache gave me strength that I hadnt discovered.
 Depression that I had to recover.
After he passed, a promise I made.
"I'll live the life you couldn't, forever make you proud."
 These words, til this day.. I vow.
Life itself I learned to appreciate.
My life went from suicide to beautifide.
I turned my fear into faith. life that it saved.
What makes me flawless? The struggle, the pain. 
The will to get through another day.
The colors I see in the portrait that was painted in black and grey.
This poem is about: 
My family


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