This Tree

You came into my life

And planted a seed

I watched you water it and let me grow into this beautiful tree

Together we were to fertilize and make more beautiful things

Till one day you stopped watering me

You stopped being the golden sunlight that I needed

I started wilting in the darkness

Lost and alone

My fruits soured and I became bitter

My tree did not bare the fruits you once gave to me

I turned into poison oak and there I stayed

Waiting for you to come back and take care of me

The longer I waited, the slower and slower I died

Until one day I saw an inch of sunlight

Coming out the cracks of this one side

I reached my branches as much as I can

As much energy I had

Slowly inching to the sunlight time not on my side

I finally felt its golden warmth

It gave me hope

I don’t know where this sunlight came from but all I knew was I needed It

I felt the moistness of the outdoors

And before I knew it

My tree started growing again

This time my fruits were different

My leaves were bigger

I was broader and I watered myself 

I made sure to be in the sun

I made sure I was growing but this time for me

For this tree became the person I was suppose to be

With the leaves long and green

Like the way your eyes once were when you looked at me

For I know I loved you far more than you could have ever loved me

This tree of mine was something so unique

I could have loved you till the end of time

But now I know,

That wouldn’t have been good for me

I needed you to leave

I needed to pick myself up off my feet

I thought you were my savior

But then I realized,

My savior is me

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