The True Face of Addiction

You are young, dumb, and rebelious.

You are a high school senior with your class song on the radio.

It is the night of graduation and to celebrate you and your knuckle head friends decide to go to a party in the woods.

One drink leads to another which leads to ten drinks. You are on top of the world.

The next day you have a hang over.You like the way the alcohol made you feel, you want the feeling again

You hear about a party in the next town over you and a friend want to relive the previous night.

The routine is the same as before. Keg stand after keg stand and you are feeling the effects. Bold, slured, and stumbling.

After a while of going to these parties you need more and more alcohol to get the same effect. You start parting almost every night. Soon it progresses to the day time, you cannot get enough. You drink so much you pass out. Waking up in the emergency room with a doctor daying your name and your hand is hamdcuffed to the bed. You find out that you had to get your stomach pumped. You also have a court hearing for drinking underage. After the hearing you continue to drink. you fall into your old habits. You flunk out of college, cannot keep a job, your marriage has failed. You are in your 50's. You start to feel a pain in your stomach and you havent been feeling well. you go to the doctor. He tells you that you have sox months to live bacuase your liver is so saturated with fat that you are becming septic becuase your liver cannott clean the blood. You start to drink as soon as you get home from the doctors. Nothing is going to stop you from drinking. There is nothing to stop you. You are constantly drunk. Three weeks after your visit with the doctor you feel this pain in your chest. It is crushing, burning, and radiating into your left arm. You call 911 you take one last sip of your whiskey. The paramedics come and say that you are having a heart attack. The start rushing you to the hospital. The last thing you see is bright lights and beeping of the monitor. Then nothing, It is all gone. You regreat not finishing college, saving your marriage, and taking that first sip of alcohol. Is it really worth it? 

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