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Thank you for calling the House of Representatives
Para Español oprime uno
For English press two
All of our Representatives are currently assisting other callers your hold time will be two minutes.
Ugh it feels like we live in a wasteland I wake up to littered streets littered people and because they were littered on they try to liter on me
But you see I like it clean
So I recycle all the negative things you or anyone else has to throw box it up and away it goes
Though it’s still hard to start a new day
Waking up in a wasteland is a strain
Every time I turn around it’s another set of somebody’s settling for less not giving mobility towards themselves
To achieve their best
People lazily waste away like an apple on the desk of unmotivated teachers watching students decay
This land is your land this land is my land is one of the many mottos for this nation
Which if you never paid attention is how this nation works if you have something I want and can't defend it it’s rightfully mine
And everything starts with one
One selfrighteous man who decided he was above all
A young girl on her way home from school
Unaware of her unwanted shadow
A remnant of a man possessed by his forefather Christopher Columbus
Eyes locked on her innocence like a lioness to her prey
Her body Snatched and claimed as his own.
Uncaring of her kicking screams of refusal
Having to give into the whims of a soul thief as did so many before her.
His apprehension non existent
Churches on every street selling salvation from damnation
Women drop it low quicker than leaves in the fall and respect is what they expect
People contributing attitudes extend limbs for handouts.
For sell on corners
Men sell nickel bags of momentary peace
While women on corners solicitate relief standing on their icy edges of glory scattering towards any passerby like pigeons to bread crumb.
Population growing and dying at the same rate.
Everyday hope for a catastrophic flood of enlightenment
To wash away the charade
Created to disorient us on what’s going on
And the wonderful actors none other than the republican government.
Republican government means a system of appointed officials called upon to represent the public so we feel like we have say in political issues when in fact we don’t
Don’t believe me?
Ask yourselves who represents every victim of a crime giving a “voice” or “justice”.
And who is representing the child
The child trying to escape and break the chains ingrown in his skin by his ancestry despite eternal pain not distracted by all these pain not distracted by all these eye strains.
Who find his own path out of this cave of despair holding no fear for the haters behind him trying to consume his brain……..
Our offices are now closed please call back during regular business hours. Thank you!
Ugh.....!! In this wasteland it’s everyman for himself

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