The Truth Behind #ILoveYou

Interesting is the word LOVE.


Love. A word people use, openly to,

One another. Sometimes LOVE is used in good ways,

Very sensitive ways, however, LOVE can be used in a way to create

Excruciating pain for someone.


You might feel happy in the beginning, yet then the

Over use of the saying #ILOVEYOU made you feel terrible, that is



I don’t know the true pain of love, yet I do know


LOVE, and the phrase #ILoveYou should not be used to hurt, take advantage of,

Or destroy someone. #ILoveYou should not be used to make someone

Vulnerable. That is just not right.

Eventually one might reach the point to where they can move on.


You should not use the sacred saying #ILoveYou for your own good,

Or to get what you want. Its not fair to other souls. Even

Under the most ridiculous of circumstances, #ILoveYou should stay sacred and full of actual LOVE.


I might not know the pain of LOVE, but I know the joys and treasures of it.


Loving my boyfriend like no other, gives me joy beyond belief. Seeing him smile makes warm fuzzies

Overcome my soul. That is what people should experience when someone tells them #ILoveYou.

Variable are the ways that you can say and

Express the word of LOVE, however


You should never, ever use the word LOVE or the saying #ILoveYou in a manner to hurt. The

Outcome of that can be detrimental to the person whom was targeted. Remember to NEVER, EVER

Underestimate the power of saying #ILoveYou.


#ILoveYou, should always be said with true and real love behind it.

When true and real love is there to back the phrase up,

The world becomes quite a bit brighter.

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