THE TRUTH(in honor of pride month)

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 14:37 -- Zara96



                                                                          THE TRUTH

“I can’t change

Even if I tried

Even if I wanted to

I can’t change”



It does not exist in this city


Because right here is where marriage

Is simply a right for everyone

For ALL individuals

Oh wait

Did I say all?

I take that back

I meant to say all straight people

All straight feminine girls with long luscious hair that cheat on their husbands

And all straight masculine men with six packs that beat their wives

Yes, they deserve the right to get married


Of course only straight people are deserving of marriage

It is the way God intended and

Homosexuality is a sin

A sin that gays will SURELY burn in Hell for

The thought of it is enough to make the skin crawl

Marriage is between a man and a woman

Why should gays be allowed to enter into such a sacred union?


Sacred union?

Oh right, the one that has a 41% divorce rate

And yet they STILL complain that gay marriage will “ruin” the sanctity of straight marriage

I think Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry can take the fault on that one, don’t you?


MEDIA! That’s who’s to blame

It makes gay marriage seem lame

Everyone looked at our President like he had two heads because he was for it

It takes a brave soul to come out when they are a celebrity because word would spread to their fans

Lack of sells

They won’t prevail

One hit wonders that’ll a soon become a fail

Frank Ocean and Ellen DeGeneres



You see, gays are guilty of only one thing:

Forcing the Bible on you? No

Screaming random crude slurs at someone in the street? No

Beating a woman to a bloody pulp because she happens to look like a guy? No

Attacking someone in the alley and raping them because they’re transgendered?

Thrusting a gun upon the side of a 14 year old boy’s face and telling him he deserves to die because of who and what he is?  

Not even close…


Bullied. Beaten. Threatened.

Tears running down his cheeks

See, I was too little to realize that my cousin was a victim of inequality

All because his partner was another man?

He wasn’t a threat.

He wasn’t a bully.

He was just GAY.


Gay people are simply: gay

In every sense of the word

Not gay as in lame

And not gay as in retarded

But gay as in happy

Gay as in queer

Gay as in a man loving a man

And a woman loving a woman

I don’t understand what is WRONG with this picture:


A young lesbian couple, walking down the street, hand in hand

Gazing in each other’s eyes and sharing a bond unlike no other

Simply wanting to be loved and accepted

Hate is the furthest thing from their minds and yet

It is all they have ever known

Because this world is too ignorant

Too ignorant to accept those that differ from them

Too ignorant to continue on loving their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters

And too ignorant to the point where a man cannot even say goodbye to his husband on his deathbed

Because he is NOT considered a “real” family member

So he is faced with the agonizing pain of being stuck in the waiting room

Not being able to hold his dying husband’s hand

And not knowing when his partner of 25 years will no longer be with him



Does not exist in this city 

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