turning critics into believers


United States
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they look at my complexion
they say im dirty
on the contrary, im fresher than a new pair of kicks

they look at my face
they say im a thug
unlike them, i don't need a hug
my face is priceless like the MasterCard commercial

they look at my style
they say im a drug dealer that sells rocks
only thing im selling is resources to help students not be a statistic

they see how i talk
they assume im a 2nd class citizen
i am a citizen, it's call the u.s citizen

they see my neighborhood
they say i wont mount to anything
i am a product of my environment, but i exceed expectation
they assume that where i'm from, i live on a plantation
no my friends, i have passionate aspiration

they say i won't graduate
as always they are wrong, i have two degrees
im not dead therefore, there is no fragments of debris

i say im puerto rican
they assume im a spic
no assholes, my vocabulary exceeds far more powerful than a person of no goals in whom i call a hick

i love critics, i need critics
they criticize me because they cant do what i can do
at the end, you still dont like me so disappear like a ghost and not yell boo
i turn critics into believers
i am, therefore i can

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