Two Sides of Me


He makes me feel like I can really be a down B

He put me on

Now he got me running the Streets

Got me thinking I'm the Baddest bitch on the scene

Got me shaking my ass left, right 

Making these niggas think I'm a killer breed, for the night

Making me feel like its okay to be open

It only makes you more of a G

I could of had any rap nigga

But me I chose my nigga YG

But then there was she 

A Goddess like being

She help create another side of me

A side I didn't know 

Cause I was too caught up in the world of YG

But she was there to help find the inner me

While letting me know I could still be a down B

While sailing souls with the sea

She let me know that shaking your ass don't make you a down B

But knowing all the world holds

Being willing to sail your soul

Closing your eyes and opening your mind

Thought this was some crazy Budda shit

But I couldnt creep away

Her beautiful speech made me stay

Jhene Aiko is her name

So now I got two sides to me

Two side to completely

Neither of them being filtered for the eyes not to see 

While one teaches me to be a down B and the other telling me to sail souls with the sea 

I guess this is all that really makes me


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