Ugly World

I gotta feelin' this society got our minds corrupt,

it's like what they do, we gone do, and it's f**ked up,

Girls gettin' plastic surgery and shots in butts,

sometimes I wish that my eyes could just shut,

I'm kinda glad we don't have cable, everything is a lie,

why us blacks always gotta be the ones that die,

why the whites livin' wealthy and don't need to survive,

it's like Mexicans and blacks are the only ones that's on the grind,

I can honestly say some whites live the same lifestyle,

The world is ugly and I'm supposed to crack a fake smile, how?

Ya'll ain't even helpin' us now,

What would you do if hell rose from the ground,

What would you do if Christ came with clouds and the angles playin' the trumpets loud,

nothin' left in this world but the seven deadly sins,

Lord, I'm tryin' my best not to fit in.

This poem is about: 
My country


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