The Ultimate High

Love is the ultimate makes me high until I disappear into the ever present semi cresent seductive sky...Oh...Yes Love is the ultimate High...ultraviolet,hypnotic,seductive You should try.



If people got more hooked onto love than drugs, there would be less war and more peace in this crazy world. It's up to us to take a "puff" of love by loving someone whether if enemy or not so that they might love back. Let us leave a cloud of love cycling through the air across each country and each household. Yes indeed, we "should try" to take a wiff of this love and change a world and many lives. Love this poem. I smell the love and talent. Keep writing on my friend :). (P.S. if you want me to respond to any comments you leave after this message, please post it on one of my poems and I will respond as soon as I can. Once again, good poem)

Bailey Reynolds

Thanks I will

Midnight Symphony

Love is a wonderful drug, but sometimes the crash is worse than anything you have ever felt. Great poem man, keep it up.

Bailey Reynolds


Alice In Disguise

You keep getting better with every poem i read. You've already proven yourself a great poet and now you've become a hero with a fanbase. Your amazing bailey keep writing and don't stop no matter what anyone tells you. Remember i'll read everything you got until i can no longer see. From that point i'll probably need the poems read to me. keep it up I believe in you. :) 

Bailey Reynolds

Thank Yu so much

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