Unattainable Fulfillment

Dear Potential,


My mind is never silent,

regardless of the times I try to hush

my unyielding condemnation.


Aggravating my rest,

you leave me to dwell upon my imperfection.

Surely, for my life, I should feel blessed,

yet lamenting is a natural human misconception

I prove to attest.


Periodically, do I ever obtain

your full essence:

falling short a beat,

missing a step,

brimming just below your expectation.

Yet consider all of my prowess...


nevermind that.


Dragging out sorrow

and skimming over triumphs,

I await ‘next time' for full completion,

yet perpetually, I remain bereft.


Nevermind that.


Inadequacy is not expounded

By mere blunders.

I am powerful beyond measure.

And seek to be proud.


To that end, I affirm

I will merrily never reach you,

As your hopes will always rise to new heights,

Every day I prove you wrong.



Your Aspiring Self

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