uncle and niece


and then there they were standing a few steps apart. a moment of silence and little conversation in a span of 24 hours a lot was said through body language, gestures, and spoken words. not sure what was said because I was not present but somewhere throughout those hours overcame a calmness almost as if the wind picked up and crept in the room to shoo away the dust and remnants staying still. neither of us will ever mention as to what happened because of the privacy that endured but through that look we shared our eyes understood and knew" i love you" was said without saying a word. my eyes swelled up and my throat choked and you shook yourself out of that gaze without a moment's hesitation we both knew the love, the forgiveness, my future, and yours. a part of me wishes i could dig deeper to grasp that mystery. that mystery i would never know or fully comprehend


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