Under My Addiction

Not everyone can break through the chains of addiction;

And although I did I still can't escape your conviction.

I've been deemed unclean, no good, a crook;

You'd see so much more if you'd take a good look.

I am the daughter of a loving mother and father;

Who raised all their children with value and honor.

I'm also a sister, the eldest, to be exact;

The bond we all share shows I made an impact.

I have a few friends, enough to count on one hand;

But to me they're much greater than I could've planned.

I'm aware of my downfalls, no one's without flaws;

Did some things I'm not proud of to avoid withdrawals.

I'm aware drugs are dangerous, miraculously I'm not dead;

My brain works differently than the one in your head.

No one's above this disease it can affect anyone;

It's like playing Russian Roulette with no gun.

Drugs destroyed my life, but I got it back;

I'll spend the rest of it attempting to get back on track.

I have a son and a daughter that I need to raise;

It's so much easier to do when I'm not in a haze.

Addiction is not something I'd wish on anyone;

Not one thing I went through came close to anything fun.

Most addicts you meet are not low down dirty thugs;

They have an illness causing them to depend on drugs.

There's no telling who will be the next addict you see;

Though it could be anyone, it may just be me.























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