An Understanding Physician

After traveling so far, 

18 years have come, 

12 of them spent advanced,

hiding from the sun. 

School was a priority

most us us could pass,

many had to suck it up, 

and "Just go to class".


After these 12 years were done

4 years more to go,

Along a wide winding path

my skills, I had to show.

Majoring in Biology 

or something of that sort,

I would always give my very best,

not my last resort.


Somewhere between those year

from 1 to 22,

I found one thing special 

that I would love to do.


Those that suffered

from the downs syndrome disease,

always came to me,

As I worked with them in ease.


So with those 4 years

behind my back,

I tacked on another 2,

I was on the right track. 


To become a Pediatrician, 

is what I want to do,

one that works with those with Downs,

and others like them too.


The one job that would change my life,

Is something I would love,

It's something I've always wanted,

 It was a sign from above.





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