Peacefully resting under aurora

Chest to chest with soft thunder

Healing as I astral travel

Protected as I'm protecting

What anchors this heart



Assume Position

Hold hands to dance

On the thin line between

Madness and Love

The closer I am to this Star

The more my skin melts away



Astonishment, Admiration, Adoration

In silence it's understood

Holding In my hands the flawless vessel beholding Pearls

The Glistening Pearls

Of a thousand joy's

Of a thousand ill's

The scarcity of this being

Makes the rarity of the connection

Crafted to perfection by the chakras of the heavens



Divine flesh

Guide in disguise

Immortal In time

Your immeasurable unmatched Power

The first from which

I hide my eyes

It seems even within my shadow

I can't escape your light

But why should I

Run from what the heart of our entity exposes

When I'm crashing and burning it's your timeless vibrance

That reminds me to stop and smell the roses

Fascinating...What are you?


Music is Me

The other half of your soul.

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