The Unlevel Plain Of LOVE

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 17:40 -- rawrvv


Does he know? Or would he rather not think of it?

I wish I hadn't loved so hard. Maybe the level of pain wouldn't be so deep rooted.

HE KNOWS. Doesn't he?

His smile. His Laugh. The way he looks at me.

It's all a game to him! Maybe not. Maybe he just doesn't know.

I catch him stealing glances. I catch him smiling at me. I catch him touching me as if he were my boyfriend.


Our words are filled with mixed signals. Our breath is made of nervousness. He isn't MINE. His sister is my best friend but she doesn't know what he is thinking. The unlevel plain between us.

He is floating on clouds, free as a bird. I am bound with chains of his smile, his laugh, his looks and his touch.

Does He Know? I don't think he does.

It no longer matters. At the end of SUMMER, He will be gone again. FREE AS A BIRD.


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