Unmask Me


Unmask me, what is it you see?

 A striking smile, but I see a weary girl, seeking her strength.

Green eyes hunting for her soul.

Unmask me, what is it you see?

Behind the eye shadow and lip gloss,

I see a young girl covering her emotional scars.

Unmask me, what is it you see?

Her laughter, stunningly contagious.

I see a young woman whom can make the world see her beauty.

Unmask me, what is it you see?

Her helping hand, her kind heart.

I see her wishing to do more because it is never enough.

Unmask me,what is it you see?

Me looking in the mirror.

Me picking up my damaged past.

Me carrying my strength into a brighter future.

Unmask me,

I am me.


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