Unspoken Word

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 19:30 -- Kyalynn


United States
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An empty heart leaves room for the mind to roam,
Thoughts unspoken rotting in your brain growing old.
your self conscientious only left to connect with your soul.
In a pool of thoughts as your life unfolds, and before you know it you lose control.
Because while you wondered off you missed all the time life has bestowed,
see whats ironic is you spend time figuring out how not to waste time but time is lost while your inclined to think,
...Think how can i relieve myself of wasted time, to busy worried about others vibes and counting the amount left of each persons tries.
The seconds lost to forgive then accept just to turn around and regret, and not to mention he amount of time to forget.
What do we have left?
a breath, That one breath to not sort your thoughts, to just spill not having time to kill.
Not even sure of what you feel.
But that one breath means the most , because you spoke on your time.
Not when the thoughts of everyone else chose.
no one controls you or your thoughts so speak that unspoken word.
and think of the battles we have fought.


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