Untitled # 46

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 19:12 -- Tajaya

It was like waking up one day in a new body 

Hearing the wind whistle like gentle Zephyrs singing a hymn to lonely.

Watching colors dance across the sky

As our pale blue dot orbited and that magnificent yellow orb 

Tucked itself behind sprightly hills, blushing horizons or just cower in fear behind tall structures that blackened her beauty.

Then sometimes my celestial paradise of lunar admiration would show her greatness 

In the form of an ever-changing wonder that delighted my soul


Writing poetry was like finally understanding how this bruised invention called a heart 



Spread its fluorescent wings and take off looking for a next sadist to fulfill its masochistic desires.


Writing poetry made me realize... 

That the pools running from my eyes

Were my existence's way of explaining how it feels 

When it has forgotten how to...


Writing poetry made me finally understand why the pen was mightier than the sword.

You may beat me 

You may break my bones 

but give me a paper 

And something to with 

And watch how poetry has taught me-

Like no other...

How to move your soul......




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