Loving you was my biggest mistake,
'Cause you were my worst heartbreak,
Lost in every word you spake,
Used to reminisce on memories of us  for old time's sake,
My breath you take,
Regardless of whether or not I'm awake.
Met your mother,
Never crossed that fine line between friends and lovers,
Too much to uncover,
Afraid of what we might discover,
Loved you like no other,
How will I ever recover?
Thought you loved me, 
But as we all know not all love is meant to be.
Love is never free,
It always comes with a fee.
Loved you 'til it started to take a toll on me,
Murder in the second degree,
You were the death of me,
Turned me into someone I swore I'd never be.
You became my obsession, 
Lost all discretion,
Spiraled into depression,
Filled with mental aggression,
Responsible for my own transgressions.
Hindered my own progression, 
Needed an intercession,
No more confessions.
Mesmerized by your gorgeous eyes.
Fooled by your disguise,
How could I not see through all your lies,
Caught me by surprise,
Caused my own demise,
Could have had any other guy,
Never got the chance to say goodbye.
Stuck in a daze,
Surrounded by haze,
Caught in a maze,
Lost in your gaze,
Got me crazed,
Never cease to amaze.
Caught in a trance,
Love at first glance,
Never gave us a chance,
An unlikely romance.
Bit by the love bug,
Lost in your hugs,
You were my drug,
Had to pull the plug,
Looking very smug,
You're with her ugh.
Time has elapsed,
This love has collapsed,
Never will relapse,
I'll find a new man perhaps.
Came to terms with reality, 
Gave myself some finality,
Have a new mentality,
Back to normality.
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