Unto Dust

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We wake up every morning because they tell us to.

Throwing on clothes as they see fit.

We wake up every morning because they tell us to.

Going to schools they see as fit.

We wake up every morning because they tell us to.

Trying to force ourselves into lives that don’t fit.

But this morning I awoke afraid.

And told today to go away.

Any bloke can lose his way.

Any truth is only true today.

Except for when that today is tomorrow.

And tomorrow is yesterday.

When that today is all that you know.

And then the automatic responses kick in.

That automatic thickening of skin.

That skin that makes the world bounce off.

But we just wanted to take off, and fly.

Fly to a better tomorrow.

A better tomorrow where we don’t remember yesterday.

Because yesterday is what makes us stay grounded.

It refuses to let us soar.

We are stuck in yesterday, and the things we didn’t say.

Or the things we did say, and wish we could take back.

But we can’t get back, to the way things were before.

That childish innocence, lying violated on the floor.

We know the world and it knows us.

It is constantly trampling us.

Until we slowly return to dust.


This morning I awoke afraid.

And told my life to go away.

Any bloke can lose his way.

Anyone can chose to end it all today.

And we do, because today there is no tomorrow.

There is only ever yesterday.

And yesterday hurts.

Yesterday is ruthless.

Yesterday doesn’t care about how weak our safety line is.

And today, our safety line snaps.

Tomorrow we are falling.

Tomorrow we are scrambling to make a parachute out of scraps.

Scraps of our tattered life.

That yesterday has torn away.

From our safety net tomorrow used to hold.

But tomorrow is now bleak and cold.

The only thig tomorrow holds.

Is more promises of more broken shards.

Shards that fell from our masks today.

The judge of tomorrow is never just.

So slowly we succumb to dust.


This morning I awoke afraid.

I tried to take my life away.

Any bloke can lose his way.

Many people have lost all hope today.

I was one of the many.

Who chose to end it all.

I was one who was never given any tool.

To survive this world of deadly silence.

The quiet sound of loneliness.

The unheard cry off destress.

The self-fulfilling prophecy.

That slowly fought its way to me.

Then ground me under fait’s cruel wheel.

Then slowly forced me to kneel.

To kneel to receive my sentence.

The sentence for not loving life.

Though loving life is for the brave.

And the brave do not live by the knife.

The knife that strips soul from heart.

The knife that provides that sweet sympathy.

That knife that separates you from me.

The loneliness that grinds us down.

The gale that destroys us with each gust.

And slowly blows us away as dust.


This morning I awoke afraid.

And told the world I won’t go away.

Any bloke can lose his way.

But I have found mine again today.

I was given a second chance to try.

To live a life instead of just cry.

To do what I should have.

To get what I couldn’t have.

To say what I never have.

In a world that doesn’t want to hear.

Everything I say falls on deaf ears.

And yet another person is gone before their years.

Their unheard screams have little effect.

On a society that only cares about personal effects.

The society that claims to nurture us.

They say our mood is up to us.

That a little talk will fix it all.

When all we want is to be noticed at all!

But this won’t hold me down.

I have finally found the way to win.

So I could just hold out my tin.

Hoping for the scraps that fall from them.

But this is not what I will do.

I will always be an advocate for all.

I will fight until they are finally just.

And I will never return to dust.

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