The value of a Job

My once white skin now a dark tan

10 years old and already working with my hands

My mother and father didn’t come from much but we got by with what we had

A job

Enough to eat and get by on these rags I call clothes

My chapped lips and dry hands begging for a drop of water

A job

Working in the hot fields and through the cherry tress

Dry asparagus grounds as all the children look at me

A job

My once wasted of a life

I’ve searched high for a calling

At ripe 18 I searched for myself

A job

That took away my child hood but made me a man

Lead me to seek higher heights and fire flight of beacons in the sky

Great opportunities from hard work that I otherwise wouldn’t have

A job

That feed me and no matter how hard has allowed me to propel forward

A job has humbled me

A job has changed my life

A job I thank God for every second of

As I seek higher education, I’ll never forget my roots nor am I ashamed of where I came from

As job will lead me to my calling and

 A job will lead me to my career


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