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A picture means a thousand words, but
LOVE is a 4 letter word which is a verb
It causes emotions and tears but, because it's so tender it encompass
And washes away all your fears

Love is sweet, Love is kind...., it will spellbind and trickle winsome sensations down
your spine.
Love will move, grove you, sooth you and if your not careful it can also fool you
Love will cause a well spring to rise up within you, that will surprise you...woo
you...and if you don't respect it, it will subdue you.
So yes a picture may mean a thousand words, but the force of the four letter word,

LOVE which is a verb can drive the best of us to places never before seen or heard.
So learn to respect the power of love and release it in your hearts as a hand releasing a dove.
Love will cause the object of your affection to surround your world in color with no objection.
Love bears all things believe all things, endure all things, and hope all things... to
ensure you will stay underneath its wings
Love never fails, never tells, never sells nor dispel your inner most passions, but dwell
within you like depths of a well

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Something I want to share with others how love can be an awesome thing but also a devastating thing to go through


I loved the rhyming, it was cute but it didn't distract from the meaning. beautifully done!


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