Voices of write.

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 22:41 -- Eve.C


United States
25° 11' 1.3668" N, 80° 23' 17.2788" W

When I was young words would jump at me, and land on the pages I turned.
With each "swish" of the page new words gave birth on the thin white sheets.
Spectators marveled at my unraveled gift.
My gift spoke on paper, and defined itself.
I write to express.
My writing is a foreign language on the tongue of all nations.
I express what mouths won't speak on paper.
I write to unite.
Unite a generation of muted,censored, and unspoken individuals.
To bring together the broken fragments of a strewn universe.
I write to conquer.
Words at war,strategy, and planning.
I am a knight battling the Dragon named Issues.
My sword pierces bullying,abuse, and the corrupt.
I write for me.
No one else is going to express or write for me. (or you)
I write cause it's a means of paradise when I'm too cluttered with storm clouds.
I write for you.
Oh, souless mouth which does not speak, I will be your voice ,and your soul.


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