Wall Flower


United States
38° 39' 38.1276" N, 90° 14' 44.0772" W

I see you all, walking by me
I am a wall flower in the dark
And you're free to tell your secrets to a shadow
Undeterred and unresponsive to the words around me
I write my own
But wall flowers don't speak
A shadow can only listen
Page after page, I write
Words that come from another world.
Like another hand wrote them
And I'm just along for ride
They take me
away from the wall and my petals
away from the shadows into the light
and yet, I even I never acknowledged them, their power
Then a page fell.
You could read it
I could be seen
The flower taken and displayed
A spotlight
I thought I would flourish but when the words twisted in the eyes of the readers
I only felt blinded by the light and uprooted to dry out
I walked away, I stumbled, I got up I ran
then I found it
my plot of land in the sun
I was a flower still yes, but I was turning into a garden
words became my water
my pen became my stem
and for the first time
when I watched the people walk by the stopped to smell my fragrance


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