At 14 I explored ever corner of my soul ,

I memorized every milestone, heartbreak and path that lead me to my being, 

At 15 my world was overruled by the truth, 

I knew nothing, 

At 16 I had a fatal attraction who explored my heart,

He found nothing and left the pieces on the ground, 

At 17 the attractions kept coming , only this one was fatal, 

He explored my body , 

He opened doorways nobody was meant to go through, 

He visited me for 2 years until I became his tourist attraction ,

I was finally closed for business, 

I was lost,

I didn't want to explore, 

At 18 isolation became me ,

until I met an adventurer ,

He showed me forests, rivers and beautiful flowers that were inside me, 

I became a rose and he became the bee,

He showed me to regrow my fallen petals, 

He loved every root,  

He makes me explore my resilience , 

At 19 I learned to be my own map in every adventure.

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