We are grown

Police, fire trucks and ambulances.
Kids just getting off of school.
One day we were just kids,
Now, we are scarred kids.

Three friends out to celebrate a birthday.
Two will never get another one.
They will never graduate,
Or drive, or go to college.
Their lives taken away just as it was beginning.

Monday comes, just days after.
Hallways so silent, you could hear a pin drop.
All day, sobbing, hugging, saying everything is all right.
"We will get through it," they say.
No one knows what lies ahead.

Days pass.
Death is still lingering like a bad odor.
There is no way to escape the dark cloud of grief.
Some laugh, some cry, some stay silent.

We have lost so much in too little time.
We have grown up in a matter of days.
No teenager should have to go through the loss of their childhood best friends.
But it happens.

The only thing left to do is push.
Push through the pain, the misery, the grief.
Use our painful experiences to create positive change.
Let our darkness be used to create some light.
Be grown up, and never give up.

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