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DISCRIMINATION, that is a word that sliced deep into the hearts of many, pouring out the blood flow of confusion and a sense of deception. Just because my skin is brown and hers right beside me is white, we're different? Or is it the texture of my hair and the perm I need, and how hers flow like a hive of honey bees? Is there anymore difference in the way we walk, or perhaps the way we talk? No, we're all human. Or is it because I'm a female and he's a man, we're are different? Is it the shortness of me and the tallness of him as we both stand? Or is it because I believe in God and the next believes in Allah? Or because I seem just fine while he who is not, has a dis formed spine. We all the same, so why shouldn't our rights be? In honor of a movement, we can now all see. See what a privilege it is to be different but equally the same, despite the unlawful discrimination that once caused pain. Americans didn't just challenge their government to live up to their promises of equality and justice for nothing! It was so we can take charge and put forth the effort of overcoming.

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Discrimination is unlawful

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