We Are More


United States
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They refused to serve us lunch
Because our skin was black.
They chose our seating on the bus
Because our skin was black.
They beat the white supporters
Until their skin was black.
Bystanders stood and stared
It was their backbone that they lacked
They preached we weren’t equal
Because our skin was black.
They swore us undeserving
Because our skin was black.
Yet he stood in front of crowds
And proved us more than that
Martin took us by the hand
And showed us another path
And she stood her ground and said-
I’m not going to the back
She would not be condemned
Because her skin was black.
Rosa sat in that bus seat
And was not looking back
We are a people
We are a voice
We have equal rights
We have every choice
We are not a color
And we will not be dismissed
Our history has proved
That we are much more than this.

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