This We Know For Sure

I'm sorry that love drove me crazy, I was the one that drove the wedge even deeper Through the bridge that we built for years, can you lie and say that it just fell on its own I lied, you cheated, to myself, on me again and again, and you cried for everything that I didn't do Manipulation is not the source of broken relationships, but it doesn't hold up anything either Cutting people down when they did me wrong, wondering why love makes me feel so bad inside Drawing the first punch, because it isn't hard to see what is on your mind, and I should save myself  In came the blame, I made room by taking myself out of your equation, it is not that hard to change it The one to blame stays hung, but I am not a martyr for your love, when I am not the recipient of it Don't look for me to stop your bleeding, I can heal the wounds that I have inflicted I guess that is why I am still bleeding even now for this long, I won’t go near you With every tear from your lies made your salvation fade into obscurity, now I must start on my own But now that I am back, I can achieve what I should have, because I am nothing like you And this we both know for sure   

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