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We live in a world that has been teeming with hate,
Our ancestors have endured much pain and hate,
Our ancestors have inflicted pain as well,
We live in a world, in which we have no appreciation,
For the struggles of men and women who sought to set us equal,
Who sought to give us the rights that we may otherwise have never gotten,
We live in a world, in which we have no appreciation,
For each other; for those we know and those we don’t know,
We live not for happiness, peace, and progress, but for superiority,
We live in a world, in which we have no appreciation,
For the differences among us, nor for the differences that make us exceptional,
But we call ourselves “brothers and sisters.”

Name the great men and women who lived,
Thoreau, Gandhi, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman,
We forget the deeds of these men and women who gave us rights,
But more importantly, something to believe in,
These men and women supported the idea of civil disobedience,
The idea that we shall not strike back, even if we are violently attacked,
And no matter how severe the act, we must never exhibit hate,
Because as Gandhi always said, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.”

We always want to blame someone or something for a mere mistake or atrocious crime,
“Blaming” has been in our blood since the emergence of the Homo sapiens,
We want to blame the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for instability,
We want to THREATEN the DPRK for causing instability in the Korean Peninsula,
We want to PUNISH the DPRK for harming the piece in East Asia,
But we do NOT want to forgive them and focus on the issues themselves,
Issues such as starvation, malnutrition, and oppression,
We all FEEL badly for the citizens of the DPRK, we all feel badly for them,
But we do NOT do anything for them, nor do we care much,
We live in a world, in which we have no appreciation,
For those who are struggling today,
We enjoy our cars, our cozy homes, our T.V. shows, our food,
We never, not even for a second, realize that the citizens of DPRK are dying,
But not just in the DPRK, but all over the world, in various countries,
Countries such as Somalia, Syria, Myanmar, Chad, China, Laos, Sudan,
The list is never-ending; most of us don’t care or even know about this,
But we call ourselves “brothers and sisters.”

We are hypocrites, we are; there isn't an easier way to put it,
We can condemn actions and crimes, and feel for those who haven’t much left,
But we will at the end of the day go back to our selfish ways,
And watch our violent movies and play our violent video games,
And have not a care in the world how another brother or sister must be feeling,
Until we change our ways, the work of these great men and women,
Gandhi, Dr. King, Thoreau, Rosa Parks, and Harriet Tubman, is absolutely futile.

We must live each moment like our last, and treat each other with respect,
As many have said, it does not matter whether or not we like one another,
But we will respect each other, and we will work with each other,
We can only live once, and so we cannot waste this life,
Life is made up entirely of time; we cannot waste time,
We must ensure our brothers and sisters all around the world, not just in America,
Are granted equal rights that are protected under the Constitution of each and every country,
We must learn together, and we must live each moment together,
As Gandhi always stated, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow,
And learn as if you were to live forever.”

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