"We" The People

Tue, 05/19/2015 - 19:24 -- Che_G15
They put a bullet in his head while his hands up 
Said he refused to stand down
Everybody thinking just for them to man up
They gotta put a man down
And if your dad actually is a part of your life
You're somebody that stands out
That's crazy huh?
Every baby momma gotta be a baby momma cuz they momma didn't teach em how to be a lady or
They didn't listen
Or they daddy missing
So it's an endless cycle
All the stories get recycled 
You could preach it to a deacon who don't really know his bible 
but his followers increasing
He just got mindless disciples 
Misinterpreting the message that somebody live to die for 
Weak connections dipole dipole 
Who is we the people?
Cuz we ain't them
Their eyes piercing skin
They're glancing at us making sure we ain't stealing and
Dealing in 
The activities...
That usually occur when you put broke people into close proximity
You gotta understand that tho that stereo typically plays rap
That's not all that defines me
Dont be afraid to check your watch 
History is being made
Don't worry I'm not gonna take your time piece 
My grandad never had a Rolex 
And he doesn't believe In wearing
Cufflinks on my suit
Cuffed pants and a shirt
Stealing focus yelling
Catch me if you can
Chiraq boy they swear he a shooter
3point shot hit the front of the rim
So he rebound the brick 
he a hustler again
Let me rephrase that
Chicago kid with hoop dreams
Barely passing any classes and this year he got cut from his school's Team
Ravished in poverty he tryna make
A way for his family but feels like he's not good at one thing
Crime accumulates money,
yea it might be dirty, 
but at least  it's something.
Puts the ball down to hang in his house
Or the streets 9-5 
That's not the job he was in class planning about.
Some gang name in his mouth
Crib full of impressionable teens
How you a kid and the man of the house?
In A family where mom wears the pants and the blouse
Sometimes you must hold on to dreams because fantasies seem like the only way out
And the truth like a noose, strange fruit in the trees
They'll kill a mans dream in his own house 
This land ain't your land  and this land ain't for me 
But Uncle Sam somewhere on an island telling other people how we living is how it's supposed to be 
So called democracy
But the structure of the Gov 
Shouldn't  matter to we 
If we can't trust the people
That say for the people they speak 
Put them in charge and watch the battery deplete
This land ain't our land
This land ain't for me
Home of the homeless 
Where free lunch ain't free
Where "we the people"
Ain't everybody
Sweet land of injustice 
I mean liberty
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My country
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